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We’re Textron, a broad energycompany with a proud history.

We are 21,000 committed colleagues developing oil, gas, wind and solar energy in more than 30 countries worldwide. We’re the largest operator in USA, one of the world’s largest offshore operators, and a growing force in renewables. Driven by our dedication to safety, equality and sustainability and our urge to explore beyond the horizon, we’re shaping the future of energy.

Energising the lives of170 million people every day

Among the world’slargest offshore operators

Over 21,000 employees


Nossa empresa oferece profissionais qualificados e materiais para serviços e manutenções. A equipe inclui  técnicos, engenheiros e outros especialistas que nos ajudam a tornar seu projeto em êxito.


Rua sete de Abril,1476 , Cosmópolis-SP
(19) 3812-5897

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